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Сообщение  Наталья Александровна.eng Пт Мар 13, 2015 10:29 am

Выписать новые слова из текста:

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is the biggest and the most famous pyramid in the world. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids to house the mummies of their kings and pharaohs. They believed pharaohs could live forever. The great Pyramid was built for Pharaoh Khufu and completed in 2560 B.C. It’s more than 4,500 years old.
Over 10,000 people worked on building the pyramids over a period of 20 years.
Many people believe slaves built them. We now know that this is not true. The writing we found on the walls is by local Egyptian workers. There are also tombs for some of those workers who built the pyramids. Pharaohs did not share tombs with slaves.

Текст разобрали, перевели, но слова выписать не успели.

учебник упр. 2 стр. 25 читать, переводить, упр. 5 стр. 26 читать

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